Wednesday, 30 December 2015

HAUL: Bershka

I went for a little shop and here are a few things that I bought.

Dark Gray "Shirt" - 19.99 euros

Red and Dark Blue "Shirt" - 19.99

Cream/Beje "Shirt" - 22.99

Black and White "Shirt" - 6.99 Euros

This was my mine Haul!

See you soon. Xx

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Best Christmas Present Ever!

Hello Everyone! 
Hope you had an amazing Christmas! And for those who don't celebrate Christmas hope you and an amazing day!
Since I celebrate Christmas, in my family, we normally buy presents for each others (not big and expensive things, more appreciation gifts [if that makes sense]). 
This year I decided to buy a present for me: The Hobbit!

I know that I didn't finish Lord of the Rings but that was a life goal to buy The Hobbit to read it after, even though The Hobbit is a previous story to Lord of the Rings.
I'm very happy with this purchase of mine.
This book is a special edition to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the first publication of The Hobbit. (This book was published in  2011)
The cover of this book "is based on Tolkien's own dustjacket design for the first edition."
The book is in english which will be a little challenge, is the first book that I'll read in english and has a lot of vocabulary that I'm not familiar with. 
The cover of this book "is based on Tolkien's own dusjacket desing for the first edition."
The book is in english wich will be a little chalenge, is the first book that I'll read in english and that's a lot of voacbularry that I'm not familiared with. 

Obviously, after I fully read it, I will write a review.

See you soon. Xx

Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Total Fail - Blogmas Day 24

I totally failed with this thing of blogmas... I'm a little sad because it didn't work out.
I wasn't prepared and my ideas were none... But next year on blogmas, everything will be more organised and I will not fail!

Any way, hope you have an amazing Christmas!
(or an amazing day in case you don't celebrate Christmas, because you also deserve it!)

Not just in Christmas but everyday for the rest of you life!

See you soon. Xx

Friday, 18 December 2015

My Violin Story - Blogmas Day 18

How are you? 
Today I had my small Christmas concert. In case nobody knows, I play violin.

I play violin for 5 years now. I first fell in love for the violin sound when I was watching The Karate Kid (2010) and the character Mei Ying in the film plays a music, Nocturne by Chopin,  and I really fell in love so I told my parents that I wanted to play.

Now one of my biggest inspirations is David Garrett, you should totally check him out! He's very talented and one that I wanna be like him. He's very successful in what he does.
I'd love to meet im one day...

Hope you're all great!

See you soon. Xx

Monday, 14 December 2015

Ikea Haul & Hot Chocolate - Blogmas Day 13

Hello everybody!

Yesterday, I went to Ikea! Basically I wanted to buy two plushies for my dogs, because there, I feel, that the plushies are less pricey and bigger, which is good.
But obviously I didn't buy only plushies... I bought two candles, one tiny Christmas tree, two flower pots and more christmas decorations for my main Christmas tree!

The candles smell AMAZING!
And I also love to see the new decorations on the tree, it gives more life to it!

Later on, I had some Hot chocolate with some cookies.

So this was what I did, pretty much.
Hope you're all great!

See you soon. Xx

Saturday, 12 December 2015