Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn, Halloween, Winter and...!


Is another day and it's been raining which I deeply love and makes me very happy.
Autumn has arrived and I can't wait for Winter!
Halloween is this Saturday, even though in Portugal we, traditionally, don't celebrate it I may do something related to it, probably watch some horror film and that's it (very Halloweeny...).

And OMG what comes after Halloween? CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
And I'm seriously happy and excited for Christmas, all the decoration, the food and the music makes me feel very happy and in peace with the world. For me Christmas isn't about presents, even though I like to receive them, I feel is more about family and friends being together and enjoy each others company.

Anyways, is just that for today, rain, rain and more rain!!!
Hopefully will rain for the rest of the year!

See you soon. Xx

ps: pics are not mine, found them on Tumblr

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