Thursday, 9 July 2015

DIY- lip gloss

I was thinking about what to post on the blog and I remembered why not how to teach you how to make a lip gloss? Your very own lip gloss?!
This is a very simple recipe.
So here are some easy steps that you have to follow.
Step 1: get all the things you need. Container (I got a small one), petroleum jelly (use the one you prefer) and eyeshadow (any color you want, the one I used is just for the exemple).

Step 2: put a little bit of the eyeshadow in the container, that melt the petroleum jelly and put it as well in the container. Mix it!

Step 3: After you mixed it, close the container for future uses.


And you finished! Now you have your new lip gloss, it gives you a shine and also hydrates your lips.
Hope you liked it!
Talk to you soon! Xx


Monday, 6 July 2015

Inferno - Dan Brown

Hello People!!
 As I promised here is my review of the book Inferno by Dan Brown. I'll start with a little summary and than explain what I loved or didn't love about this book.
so, first we have a prologue where someone decides to end his life. In my opinion is a very creepy way to start a boo but also a great way  "to glue" the reader.