Tuesday, 29 July 2014

This Week

 How is everyone??
 Well, since I don't know what to post, I will talk about wat I've done this week.
 First thing: Beach, beach and more beach! I don't really like because is a lot of sun aand heat. Makes me feel weird, but I stay under the umbrella and everything is just fine! :)
 I've been watching my favourite series, Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars, and some films.
 Now I'm going to my Godmother's house, be there for a few days with her and her family! I do love her, she's like my second mother, lovely and kind! I also love my mom, of course, but is different.
 Don't know what else I can say... So have a rest of good week and enjoy the simple things, because that ones are the best!
 Bye Xxx

made by me :)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

My June Favourites

Today I decided to do My June Favourites! I never saw in a blog so there’s the reason I wanted to do one.

First things is this support for candles, I think it’s how is called, And I really love it! I always wanted one, they are so cute and this one is an old gold colour with red, green, blue, orange and pink glasses all around. From Espaço Casa.

 Second thing is this lovely note book! Is pink, black and white, what I love most about it is the flowers on the top and goes all around like this. The pages are white and has a little thing where we can put some random notes. From Note It.

The next thing is this book that I’m reading at the moment. I am really enjoying the story, talks about a wicth that doesn’t like to use her powers and one day she reads a book, suddenly she has vampires, demons and others witches after her just because of the book! That’s all I know but I am loving it! If you want to know more: http://deborahharkness.com/discovery-of-witches/
 A Noite De Todas As Almas/ A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.

A fourth thing is this bedside table.  I liked it because it looks like a cube and on the top has this white glass that looks very nice. On the inside has one drawer as picture shows.
From Ikea.

Fifth is this pen. Is silver and has an golden arrow. I like it because is cute and seems mysterious, haha. I don’t know where is from…

 The last but not the least is this hair serum for split ends. Is very good,  I’ve been using for three months and I clear can see the difference before I used it and after, highly recommended for people who has damaged hair or wants to keep their hair beautiful. From Essentya.

Hope you liked my June Favourites!